Shopee Celebrates Birthday With About 80 Million Downloads Across the Region

PETALING JAYA, 21 NOV 2017 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, celebrates its anniversary after another year of marked growth. In just two years, Shopee has seen significant growth in its seven markets, with about 80 million downloads across the region, and over 180 million active listings by more than 4 million sellers. To date, there are about 5,000 leading brands and distributors. Since launching in 2015, the Shopee team has also expanded to a total of over 2,500 employees.

shopee malaysia birthday

From left to right:
1. Lee Jing Huan, Senior Promotion Executive (李靖桓) – Pureen Malaysia
2. Elie Lim Thiam Hui, E-commerce Manager – Mentholatum
3. Elaine Tan, Commercial Manager – Yadah Malaysia
4. Syaful Izwan Mohamed, Head, Fuel Marketing, Marketing Department, Retail Business Division – Petronas
5. Mr. Ian Ho, Mr. Shopee's Regional Managing Director (何子翔)
6. Tay Gim Soon, Group Chief Operating Officer – PayNet
7. How Lih Ren, Head iTelco – Digi (侯立人)
8. William Tan, Sales Director – (陈育进) – Brightstar Distribution (OnePlus)
9. Ameer Shahzman, Executive, Partners Management – B Infinite
10. Andy Chin, Head of Marketing – MR D.I.Y. Malaysia (陈冠桂)

“Shopee has undergone tremendous transformation since we first launched, and while we are proud of all that we have achieved, this is only the beginning. Shopee has always been committed to listening to the needs and  references of our users, and have worked to create a platform that is tailored to exactly that. Whether it is providing a fuss-free and convenient shopping experience for buyers, or offering a reliable and secure platform for brands and budding entrepreneurs to expand their online presence, Shopee strives to continue improving the lives of the  region’s consumers and businesses with technology,” said Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director of Shopee.

shopee birthday branding

2017 was an exciting year for Shopee Malaysia, as more users embraced online shopping. Key milestones to date include:
● Annualized Gross Merchandize Value (GMV) of more than USD 5 billion
● Over 5 million app downloads
● Over 200,000 sellers and brands, including established brands like Shojikiya, Pets
Wonderland, OnePlus, Pureen, Lovely Lace, and Mentholatum. This is in line with the
Malaysian government’s effort to grow the digital economy, which is projected to contribute 20% of Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020.
● Launch of Shopee Mall, a premium online shopping portal, featuring over 100,000
products sold exclusively by leading brands and distributors. This initiative has received significant traction, with many leading brands selecting Shopee as the platform of choice to boost their online presence.
● Continued success of Shopee University, a series of tutorials to aid local entrepreneurs and businesses succeed in the e-commerce environment, which saw more than 4,000 participants across 10 states.

“In line with our effort to cater to our increasingly digital-savvy customers who are constantly looking for convenience and value-add purchases, we innovted our business and ventured into the e-commerce segment. Towards this end, Shopee was the first e-commerce platform that we partnered with as they have a wide appeal amongst the local market, coupled with its value-added services and innovative campaigns,” said Aadrin Azly, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad’s Head of Retail Business. “Our partnership with Shopee has enabled us to successfully expand our online brand presence and reach out to a greater base of consumers. We congratulate them on their 2nd anniversary and look forward to another fruitful year of partnership”.

“Choosing a reliable e-commerce partner is certainly an important decision for MYDIN being the largest home-grown retail chain in wholesaling and retailing since 1957. MYDIN sees e-commerce as an important business channel to complement current traditional businesses of a brick and mortar store. With Shopee, we are able to offer our customers Free Shipping across Malaysia. We are fortunate to be able to work with Shopee to provide our customers across the nation with great savings for both food and non-food items,” said Malik Murad Ali, IT Director, MYDIN Malaysia.

As part of its birthday celebration, Shopee will be holding a birthday sale from 1 to 14 December, featuring massive promotions across over 6 million products. Shoppers can look forward to Shocking Sale flash deals, Upsized Mall Highlights, 12.12 Mega Deals, and many more exciting highlights. Attractive prizes will also be up for grabs, including over RM500,000 worth of Beat the Clock vouchers, a trip for two to Honolulu worth RM15,000, and an iPhone X worth RM5,500. Official partners, including Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB, Ambank, Citibank, Petronas, Digi, Maxis, B Infinite, FPX, and Photobook, will also be joining the celebration with their own exclusive promotions for Shopee users.

“When we decided to expand our online presence beyond our own Digi Online Store, Shopee was the first eCommerce platform that came to mind, and we have been working with them consistently ever since. We see more and more Digi customers enjoying the convenience of online shopping and purchasing their mobile top-ups from Digi’s Official Shop. We plan to offer more exciting deals in the future as we continue our ambition to become our customers’ favourite partner in digital life,” said How Lih Ren, Digi’s Head of iTelco.

“We chose Shopee as our preferred e-commerce partner because of their rapid growth and large consumer base made up of millions of users across Malaysia. With 330 Mr DIY outlets nationwide supported by Shopee, we will be able to fulfill every household’s need, anytime, anywhere,” said Andy Chin, Head of Marketing, MR.DIY.

“2017 has been a great year for Shopee and we would like to thank our customers, sellers, and partners for their continuous support. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on innovating our platform and diversifying our product assortment. We remain committed to helping brands and local  entrepreneurs grow and continuously strive to push the boundaries of e-commerce to
become the leading online shopping destination of choice in the region,” closed Ho.

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Travel: Bangkok, Thailand

Trip: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand
Duration: 4 days 3 nights

Flight AirAsia (KUL – Dong Mueng)

Day 1
1, Touch down at the airport and checked in at the hotel. We took taxi from Dong Mueng Airport to 68 Bangkok Hotel (Ratchada area). After that we went to The Train Night market by Tuktuk. The night market has a lot of good food. Tom Yum Koong was one of the best, with 2 huge prawns! Other than food, you can find local products and favourites too!

Day 2 Bangkok
1, Chatuchak Market by taxi. Cost about 70+TBH. I had Tom Yum Fried Rice, not as what I expected but the prawn are fresh and a lot. But way expensive here. We’ve bought Mieng Kham 3 packs for 100TBH, cheap and better that KL. Lol!
2, Platinum Mall. Bring extra money to shop! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. It is too many to shop. So, on our way, we visited the temples in town and took some pictures.
3, Central Plaza. Went for dinner at MK. One of the famous steamboat in town. Nothing much different from Jonny Steamboat in KL. Menu wise, more choice.
4, We took bus and taxi from town to go back to hitel. Quite convenient but tiring lol. Make sure you wear sport shoe or anything comfortable. We went for a foot massage nearby hotel which cost 200TBH per hour. Good deal!

Day 3 Bangkok
1, Wat Arun located about 30 minutes from Ratchada. I’m amazed by the temple architecture. A lot of tourist and it’s hot. Bring you hat on!
2, Visited Wat Pho temple across by Khlong Tan Pier boat.
3, Took a taxi to the Dusit Zoo.
4, Asiateque by The River, where I’ve got to see the Ferris Wheel.
The most tiring day since we took another boat from Asiateque to BTS and transit at 2 train stations.

Day 4 Bangkok
It’s a wrap up. Flight back at night. So, we managed to go for sightseeing.
1, Meet my temporary boyfriend Mr Ronald MCDonald’s. McD’s are very welcoming and cosy. They’re even selling the kids toys. Comparing to MY, the adult buy the toys and resell to earn extra money. Pity the kids uh?
2, Seaweed lovers, they have a retail selling full range of Taokaenoilan products.
3, Boots is in Bangkok. When are we going to have one in Malaysia?

travel to bangkok thailand

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Movie Review: Chasing The Dragon

Genre : Action Crime
Language : Cantonese
Director : Jason Kwan, Wong Jing
Casts : Donnie Yen, Andy Lau
Release date : 28 September 2017

Ho (Donnie Yen) slipped into Hong Kong from Mainland China in the 60s’. At that time, Hong Kong Police Force partnered with the triads under British colonial rule. Corruption was as rampant as ever. Chief Detective Lee Rock (Andy Lau) appreciated Ho’s exceptional fighting skills and guts, thus helped him escape further torture by British Police. Ho was grateful to Rock for his help. During one of the gang fights, in order to save Rock, he even sacrificed his right leg, hence becoming “Crippled Ho”. The two had since developed a close brotherly love. And Rock helped Ho to become the No.1 leader of the drug empire. Rock and Ho became extremely powerful and separately ruled the upper-world and the underworld of Hong Kong. However, at the same time, they checked and wrestled with each other secretly to ensure the balance of power between them. Until 1974, the establishment of ICAC forced Rock to have a premature retirement. However, Ho did not want to quit, and was determined to become the sole dictator of the drug empire…

Movie Review: The Tag Along 2

All Hail the Horror!
The Tag Along 2: Hsu Wei-ning and Rainie Yang, our new horror queens.

(Kuala Lumpur) Taiwan’s most successful horror film in the past 10 years, The Tag Along is set to return, with the help of film director Cheng Wei-hao alongside the original cast River Huang and Hsu Wei-ning  joined by award-winning actress Rainie Yang, Gao Hui Jun, Shao-hua Long and others in the film’s sequel The Tag Along 2! 

The sequel continues the story of the Taiwanese urban legend: the ‘little girl in red’, that took place over 20 years which was surrounded by mysterious disappearing events and people haunted by a little girl in red. The Tag Along 2 will finally reveal to the audience the little girl in red. The story starts with Rainie Yang’s character Li Shu-fen, a social worker who is looking for her missing daughter, she stumbles across an abandoned hospital where she finds Shen Yi-chun (played by Hsu Wei-ning) and discovers a pathway to another dimension. Step by step, she creeps closer to cover the truth of the little girl in red mysterious origins.

Hsu Wei-ning once again reprises her role as ‘Shen Yi-chun’ from the first film. This time she goes beyond being like ‘possessed’ by demon, but also turns into a filthy, insect-eating, bloated abomination whose appearance even scares herself. When she recalls the stomach-churning insect eating scene, she shares: “Actually, those insets were pretty tasty. They’re made of chocolate chips, white sesame seeds, earthworms made from jelly and pupa made from milk candy!”

She however admits that those scenes have also their own over-the-top moments, where she has to grab mucus and smear it all over her face, have real live insects during the scene where some of them would even crawl up her plate during shooting and she would be worrying if she’d end up eating them by accident! But she did admit that since they were already in the deep end, must as well they go all the way to capture the best possible scene. As for her shaven eye-brows, Wei-ning revealed: “Shen Yi-chun was tortured and twisted to take on a non-human form which required me to shave my eye-brows. However due to my other work commitments, I ended up only shaving two-thirds of it.”

For her role in The Tag Along 2, Hsu Wei-ning pushed herself to a breakthrough performance by distancing herself from her friends and family in order to maintain the fragile state her character was trapped in – something that she is still recovering from. Director Cheng had nothing but praises for her: “She is a dedicated professional!” Wei-ning shared: “I was so immersed in the role that I was afraid that I would become ‘Shen Yi-chun’, where I would wake up one day discover that I have become her for real. To best capture the mood and immersion, I completed the 35 days shoot with no family and friends in close contact.”

In her effort to perfect her role, Wei-ning carried out a lot of research by reading up on psychological books and also various books on the topic of spirituality in order to straddle the line between the scientific & the spiritual. One scene in particular required her to perform a dancing scene, where there are no dance steps to follow, and the dancer is to follow the music and allow the ‘darkness within their hearts’ to be exposed, followed by distorted movement of the limbs. It was a scene which took many days, and multiple tries to capture without success before relying on shoes with several layers of insole pads in order for her to keep her balance and finally complete the scene.

In The Tag Along 2 Rainie Yang plays a responsible but overworked social worker. In order to better portray the character, she had to undergo a complete makeup makeover to cover her flawless skin. To bring director Cheng’s vision to life, Rainie’s smooth and supple skin had to be covered up by makeup to establish dark circles around the eyes, form wrinkles and tired skin to better represent a lady who has worked too hard at her job.

When asked which one is scarier: acting in a horror film, or shooting a sequel – Rainie answered with a smile, that she’s afraid of horror films but after signing on to star in The Tag Along 2, she forced herself to watch The Tag Along in order to understand the movie better, even if she had to fast forward most of the scarier scenes. As for her first time working with director Cheng, she shared: “Director Cheng puts a lot of pressure on his actors, challenging us to surpass our limits at every turn with his difficult requests. There were quite a few times when I questioned if I could pull it off and was under tremendous pressure. It’s the first time that I’m still struggling to sleep well even 3 months after shooting ended!”

She shares: “The biggest challenge in The Tag Along 2 is having to act natural in a horror film. For example, my character is a rational, normal person and I have to portray the character in a manner that leads the audience to be curious about the little girl in red story, yet still immersed in the horror film’s atmosphere, which wasn’t an easy task.”

Turns out Hsu Wei-ning and Rainie Yang had worked together on television in the past. Wei-ning shares: “Though the film is more demanding this time around, working alongside Rainie brings forth a peace of mind. No only we’ve worked together in the past, we also have a sense of understanding between us and share a pretty good relationship that enables us to be at ease as we prepare to immerse ourselves in our respective roles.” Rainie Yang adds: “In the film, we need to ensure our characters maintain a degree of separation from one another. So it’s nice to have a familiar face to work with, but we also had to keep in mind to maintain that distance, thus it required a pretty tacit understanding between us.”

The Tag Along 2 will finally reveal to audiences the mystery surrounding the little girl in red past, director Cheng shared. “We did quite a bit of research and investigation to the story and discovered that the abandoned Caroline Park had another exit path, which was where the ‘little girl in red’ first appeared in The Tag Along. Apart from this location, we further consulted a few folklore experts and decided to make Caroline Park a main location in The Tag Along 2, a place that is perfect to send a shiver down one’s spine.

The director also asked Francesca Kao to play mother who is suspected of child abuse, in her first attempt at horror in her 15 year film career. To add an extra level of authenticity to her character,  Paicx Yatauyungana had to adopt a bizarre hairstyle that took over 6 hours to perfect, not to mention another 2 hours to apply the tattoo on her neck, hands with Taoism exorcism mantras. Unexpectedly upon the completion of her first day of filming, her family urged her to ‘cleanse’ herself of these un-auspicious elements – truly redefines the meaning of “suffering for her craft”!

Director Cheng Wei-hao shared the greatest challenge he faced when filming The Tag Along 2, is combining the elements of human, deities and demons: 3 distinct planes of existence, into a more horrifying atmosphere. “The story starts with ‘humans’ where these 3 women come to terms of the little girl in red past, and how they have to face their inner demons. With this combination, we get The Tag Along 2’s story to be more complex, with an upgraded story and more complex methods used in filming.” He adds that the film’s 3 main scenes (the abandoned amusement park, the abandoned hospital and cursed house) required the crew to build the scenes from scratch to the impressive settings that we see in the film. “There were scenes which were enveloped in fog, or the ominous feelings in the hospital, River Huang being haunted by spirits, in addition to shooting in the dark – all these made filming very challenging. On top of that, we have a scene that was littered with dead 6 & 7 year old children, some of them reanimated mid-way through which posed a huge challenge to our special effects team, and helped raised the technical difficulty level of the film by a huge margin!”



Director: Cheng Wei-Hao

Actors: River Huang, Hsu Wei-ning, Rainie Yang, Francesca Kao, Shao-hua Long


Shu Fen (Rainie Yang) has been neglecting her 15 year-old daughter Ya Ting LEE. After finding out her daughter is pregnant, she asks her to have an abortion, and they have a huge fight. One day, Ya Ting went missing and Mei Hua LIN the medium of Tiger God believes that Ya Ting was taken by the evil spirits to the mountains. Shu Fen organizes a search party to look for her in mountains together with Jun Kai. Jun Kai finds the unconscious Yi Jun (Wei Ning HSU) in an abandoned mountain hospital. To find her daughter, Shu Fen lets Yi Jun stays at with her only to find more and more bizarre details all connected to the little red dress girl. The three of them decide to go to the mountains together but facing the threats of immense supernatural power, can Shu Fen find her daughter? And can all of them come back together?

Find a Better Price Elsewhere and Shopee Pays 120% Back

Shopee, the No 1 mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia & Taiwan is running the Lowest Price Guaranteed Mobile Phone Sale from 20 to 27 April 2017 nationwide to keep up with the fast-changing tech trends. During this week long campaigns, mobile and gadget fans can enjoy up to 80% discounts on brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi.

“With this Lowest Price Guaranteed campaign, Shopee is strengthening its position as the go-to e-commerce platform for all mobile phone lovers out there. Should you find other e-commerce platform that sells the exact same model of mobile phone that you purchased during this campaign but at a cheaper price, we will be more than happy to compensate 120% of the price difference in cash vouchers. That is our Shopee Guarantee!” said Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director.


Following the success of previous Mobile Phone campaigns before on Shopee platform, the Lowest Price Guaranteed Mobile Phone Sale lined up several promotions including cheapest mobile phones from as low as RM60. Some of the star items on sale include Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime for RM389 (RRP: RM499), Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML for RM539 (RRP: RM589), Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite for RM439 (RRP: RM649), Apple iPhone 5 for RM475 (RRP: RM799) and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Dual Sim for RM489 (RRP: RM899).

For those who aim to keep abreast with the latest trends, two of the hottest smartphones; the Apple iPhone 7 RED 128GB and Huawei P10 Lite will be on limited time offer of RM3,400 and RM1,099 respectively.

Starting from 12.00 pm on 20 April 2017 until 12.00 pm 27 April 2017, all purchases above RM50 made on the Gadgets Crazy Deals and Best Price Tech Specials will enable shoppers to receive RM8 worth of vouchers. Flash Sales will run on 20 April 2017 from 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm with deals as low as RM1 for selected items under the Mobile & Gadget category.

The Mobile and Gadget is one of the best-selling categories on Shopee platform. With the Free Shipping Programme nationwide and Zero (0) Commissions that Shopee offers to sellers, they are able to provide a much better bargain for customers; making this platform the preferred e-commerce in the country.

Moving forward, Shopee will announce the Cash-on-Delivery collaboration with Pos Malaysia on 4 May 2017 as part of its business strategy to encourage more shoppers to experiment and experience the joy of online shopping. This COD programme will kick off in the Klang Valley area first in conjunction with the upcoming Cahaya Raya bersama Shopee Campaign.

Shopee Seller Awards 2017

Housewife Turned Entrepreneur Made Close to RM750,000 Revenue on Shopee.

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Shopee, the No 1 mobile-first marketplace in Southeast Asia and Taiwan announced
Te Mei Hong, 39 from Shopee ID: cathyshop as the Seller of the Year at its first ever Shopee Seller Awards 2017 held at Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur tonight. The winner was awarded with a trophy, cash prize of RM3,500 and advertising spot on Shopee platform worth RM30,000 as presented by guests of honour Yang Berhormat Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri, Minister from the Prime Minister’s Department; and YBhg. Datuk Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Chief Executive Officer, Pos Malaysia, and witnessed by Ian Ho, Shopee’s Regional Managing Director.
Te moved to Malaysia from Medan, Indonesia in 2003 in hope to build her career to provide a better life for her family. In 2009, she established her own wholesale business using mainly Facebook to market her products until she registered with Shopee in late 2015. Since then, she has garnered close to RM750,000.00 in revenue selling children’s clothes and toys.
The event was held to recognize and reward Shopee sellers who have shown tremendous business track records selling their products on the platform. It is also part of Shopee’s appreciation for their loyalty since coming on board since
its official launch on 1 December 2015. As of March 2017, Shopee has recorded an
annualized Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of USD2.5 billion regionally with more
than 30 million installs in 7 countries, with Malaysia contributing to 2 million of the num
ber. With more than 100 million product listings across the region, Shopee has become a
favourite marketplace for consumers.
“Shopee is the fastest growing platform in the region. But we would not have had such astonishing growth without the continuous support of our sellers, ”said Ho. “We are committed to continue helping them grow their business through various incentives such as Zero (0) Commission, Free Shipping Programme nationwide and Shopee University which is a series of free business workshops conducted nationwide to empower entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to sell online”.
Commenting on the ceremony, YB Nancy expressed;
“Tonight’s event is especially significant, not only in recognising success stories of mobile entrepreneurs, but paving the way for many more such stories in the future. This is something I am truly passionate about. It gives me joy to see corporates like Shopee not only develop a solid platform to thrust the industry forward, but also build a whole ecosystem around it to empower and equip entrepreneurs through programmes like Shopee Uni and the Mighty Moms campaign to build a sustainable and powerful mobile commerce landscape here. I look forward to the day when Malaysia will be known as the centre or capital of international mobile commerce”.
The Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) foresaw a more robust gr
owth in the e-commerce sector. “We see a growing number of online entrepreneurs in Malaysia, some working from home while others are juggling between studying and holding a full-time job. We want these budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of
the incentives the government has provided to take a more serious step in business, register their companies and work as SMEs to contribute to our economy’s growth in the long run, ”said Wee Huay Neo, Director of eCommerce and Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), MDEC.
During the event, Shopee also gave out the awards to the following categories:
●Most Popular Official Shop [V]
●Best in Beauty & Personal Care [V]
●Best in Home & Living [V]
●Best in Fashion (Women) [V]
●Best in Fashion (Men) [V]
●Best in Toys, Kids & Babies [V]
●Best in Mobile & Gadgets [V]
●Best in Muslimah Wear & Beauty [V]
●Most Supportive Seller

The World’s First HYLA Concept Store

HLYA Premium Store @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre

HYLA, an industry leader in Air & Room Cleaning System, announces the debut of its first flagship new retail concept in Kuala Lumpur with the opening of HYLA Premium Store Kuala Lumpur. Located at MyTOWN Shopping Centre KL which is adjacent to IKEA Kuala Lumpur, the store will feature the entire HYLA products portfolio. Established in Malaysia since 2004 with thousands of existing HYLA users, its retail opening is timely and truly a testament of its continued support from its loyal customers who are seeking only the best in cleaning perfection.
Serving as a gateway into the world of HYLA’s cleaning perfection, HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN will celebrate an official grand opening on Saturday, 18 March 2017. The event will be witnessed by Mr Wilfried Metzger, CEO & President of HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG and Mr. Giuseppe Madonia, Managing Director of HYLA International GmbH & Co. KG.
“Perfect for HYLA enthusiasts, existing customers and new customers alike, the HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN creates a completely immersive experience into the world of cleaning perfection,” said Albert Ng, CEO of HYLA Premium Store. “HYLA has always strived to be the best in German engineering, having achieved many International awards including plus X award 2016/17 for high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. We are also proud to be the official sponsors of Formula E German racing team, ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport. 
With the inception of HYLA Premium Store, we are now able to offer a complete showcase for our products and services as well as a creative setting for our customers, bringing cleaning to a whole new level. As a unique lifestyle destination, the HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN KL will also be able to provide customers the opportunity to discover the art of cleaning perfection within the retail space – which includes a coffee room, theatre room, a show gallery set-up to feature live demonstration of HYLA product’s portfolio and the exceptional performance of the HYLA hydro cleaning system.
Keeping in line with HYLA’s commitment to improve the lifestyle and enjoyment of cleaning and deepening knowledge of what cleaning and healthy living environment can benefit, the HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN KL will also be an ideal setting for HYLA users to explore and familiarize with the HYLA’s ease of use and functionality through its daily workshop.
To celebrate the grand opening of the HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN, HYLA will host a number of programmes throughout the day on 18 March 2017 which includes in-store tour highlighting HYLA’s products portfolio, its brand loyalty program apps – the HYLA Apps2U, referral redemption’s and a cocktail party for showcasing the HYLA Premium store to invited special guests. The highlight of the day will be a sneak peek of its HYLA Swarovski limited edition, luxury line fragrance launch and HYLA personalized.
HYLA Swarovski limited edition is certified by Guinness World Record as the most expensive cleaner in 2012. With the introduction of the Swarovski edition, orders are customized and guaranteed to offer luxury exclusivity in each of its design.
The HYLA Premium Store @MyTOWN KL is wholly owned by HYLA Premium Boutique (M) Sdn Bhd and will be open seven days a week from 16 March 2017. It also provide customers with the opportunity to schedule private appointments.

Shopee Launches Mobile Madness for the Month of February

“The Best and Lowest Prices for Mobile Phones Nationwide”
Shopee, a leading mobile-first marketplace with 25 million installs across South East Asia and Taiwan will be launching its Mobile Madness Campaign in Malaysia throughout the month of February, offering the best mobile phone deals that will drive tech lovers into a shopping frenzy.

As of February 2017, Shopee Malaysia has recorded more than 2 million installs while being recognised as the only platform which provides both Free Shipping and Zero (0) Commissions for both consumers and merchants. By doing so, Shopee is able to pass on all cost savings from merchants directly to the end consumers, ensuring that it maintains the lowest prices nationwide for all its mobile phone deals.  

Displaying Show Your Crack IG.jpg

“Given our distinct price advantage, our mobile phone category is one of the fastest growing categories on Shopee. Moving forward, we want to put Shopee as the go-to platform in Malaysian minds when it comes to purchasing their next mobile phones. Throughout the campaign, Shopee will be working with established brands such as Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, ASUS, Honor and Lenovo for to offer the best deals for our users. With Shopee, users can be ensured that they are getting their phones for the lowest price nationwide,” Regional Managing Director, Ian Ho stated.

The Mobile Madness campaign highlight, ‘8 Days of Mobile Madness’ will take place from 21  to 28 February, featuring popular mobile phone brands that consumers can purchase from as low as RM150!  Each day, Shopee is running a different promotion to bring out the best of mobile phone deals at the best bargains. Keep checking the Shopee App to find out which mobile phone models and accessories are up for grab to suit your 2017’s mobile needs.

Displaying Show Your Crack Info.jpgTo start the momentum, users can join the ‘Show Your Crack’ contest from 9 to 24 February 2017. Hardcore mobile users can snap a photo of their cracked phone screens and upload it on Facebook & Instagram to win a brand new Huawei P9 phone. Every entry will be rewarded with an RM50 voucher valid to use for their next mobile phone purchase.

Famous celebrities/influencers such as Anzalna Nasir, Kamal Adli, Faiz Dickie and Ucop are among those who will join in the fun of Shopee Mobile Madness. Keep connected with your icons to find out more!
Visit Shopee website: and look out for updates on Shopee App, downloadable for FREE on App Store and Google Play.
The year of the rooster of 2017 leaped into Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur. In merriment of the New Year, Caprilicious the all-day dining is serving an array of stunning spread of Chinese New Year delicacies that leaves patrons wanting more. 
 To suit the year of good fortune and great health, delicious Yee Sang is made available from 16 January until 10 February 2017 during lunch and dinner where choices of Jellyfish, Fresh Salmon, Seared Tuna and newly introduced Soft-shell Crab are hand-picked carefully for a minimum number of 5 people and price from RM48nett. The International Lunch Buffet spread continues until 10 February on weekdays from 12:00noon to 2:30pm and priced at RM58nett for an adult and half price for children ages between 6 to 12 years old. On Mondays Caprilicious offers Buy1 Free 1 to all diners. Among the delicious spread that will be served on the buffet line are Braised dried oyster broccoli and tau kan, Deep fried shrimps with garlic lover sauce, Braised Chinese mushroom and bamboo pit with gingko nut, Roasted Duck coated with sesame seed and sweet plum sauce, Stir fried prawn with salted egg York, Hunan chicken and Loh hon guo with dried longan and sea coconut. There are 5 different sets of menu that run on rotation from Monday to Friday.
Apart from the delicious spread, a festive room promotions for the long weekend is priced exclusively from RM276.50+ per night in a Spacious Studio Deluxe with a surprise gift of lucky draw for every booking made with Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur website. Not only that, we value every guest that checks in and be handed an “Angpow” and a chance to spin on the Wheel of Prosperity upon check in. For further inquiries, you may contact 0323860888 or email in at