Eva the fussy cat.

It has been 8 months since I adopted Eva. She has become playful nowadays. But deep down inside, I feel guilty to leave her alone in the house when I go to work. She is so tame and adorable. I miss her a whenever I go and always think of her. *dah macam anak pulak*. Whenever I go shopping, I will do find something for her. Either toys or food. I realized that she can understand my simple instruction. Sunch as “SLEEP“, “SIT“, “UP“. How can I don’t miss you Eva?

See, this is how she behave whenever I am going to bed. One thing about Eva, whenever I sleep, she will sleep. But early morning around 6.30 AM-7 AM, she will wake me up. She came and “meowing” to my face. What she do if I never response? YES! She bite me!

Eva is READY to mate but there are few conditions…
1. Vaccinated
2. Able to come to Eva’s place
3. Handsome male cat

*Eva is choosy and still not able to get along with other cat. She is quite bossy and fierce. lol!*

With Loves,

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