Sushi Zanmai @ Farenheit, KL


I am back again after Eid. Here will be the updates that I missed to tell. I am no Japanese. But yes, I love sushi. We can get one of the best sushi in KL at Sushi Zanmai. 

They have few branches which are at…

1. Farenheit, Bukit Buntang
2. The Gardens
3. Sunway Pyramid
And… Dot dot dot… Well these 3 are the most I go for…

Reasonable price and fresh all I can say compared to other sushi restaurant. *this is from my opinion*

Rice and crab stick, if not mistaken…

The Octopus! A lot of fan out there love this! Especially sushi lover. Damn! I just never recall all the sushi and dishes there even I have been there for hundred times.

This is one of my favorite…
Softshell crab and vocado..  *I can’t recall the exact name for this*

Next time, I will do snap their menu and remember the name. For more information, you guy can check out at their website Sushi Zanmai

Until then…

That’s all for now.

With Loves,

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