Fashion: Panda at H&M

Hello everyone! 
Before I go further, I wanted dedicate this post to my lovely sister “Mira The Snow White”. I went to see my uncle on Tuesday, didn’t I told you about this? Let me recall, after lunch all of us went to Lot10 since my uncle park his car there. And drop by to H&M. The plan was to buy our baby girl Fina a pair of shoe. Mira also bought a pair of shade and she wanted to buy a long sleeve shirt. Tangy color with pineapples. It looks good but oh, I just don’t like it. A bit odd pineapples all over our shirt. Lol! About 2 meters away, I saw  another long sleeves, a bit easy and lousy. I like it so much. I told her it is better the pineapples. Lol!

Ended up, she bought it for her self. And I got the same. Hihi. I told her “baru k-pop”. She is the big fan of Runnning Man, Korean boy band, etc. I do watch Korean drama and even went to 20-ners show last 2 years. But I am not so much k-pop girl. But she does. Mira, if you read this, make sure we go to Korea in a year time. AirAsia will never failed to offer cheap ticket. Haha. By the time, you will be busy to further your study. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to bring my Panda to the office on Friday or Saturday maybe. Trust me, in the next few months, there will be 2 pandas in the family eating good food in the kitchen. Lol. 

Have a great day! xoxo. AJ.

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