Recipe: Homemade Chicken Floss Puff

Hey! Did you guys know that I love cooking and baking? I do baking whenever I am free and I do cook for lunch and “tapau” to the office. I was craving for curry puff for few days and thinking of making it I could not get a good curry puff here in the middle of KL. So here is the other project that I have done..
I bought the filling from aeon recently. I utilized whatever I have in kitchen. So, to make the puff dough is really easy. Even to make the claim around the puff. I learnt how to make it when I was standard 4 I guess. My mom sent me and my brother to a nanny’s. So nanny is selling nasi lemak and kuih-muih, one of it is the curry puff. She taught me how to make it. So you can see my handmade puff right 🙂

Let’s move to the recipe…

Puff dough:
3 cup flour
1/4 quarter butter 
2 table spoon of cooking oil

Heat the oil and add the butter. Once butter melt, pour into the bowl with flour. Keep mixing it til it blend well and you are making the dough.

That is the dough recipe. I will try to share how to make the puff shape in future post ya!

Til then. With loves, xoxo AJ

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