Cosmetic: Bobbi Brown make ups – Adyba Jee

Hi girls!

This is not a sponsored article from anyone or even Bobbi Brown. This is my own review on their product. I have been using a Mac, Maybeline, Revlon, silky girl make up for quite sometimes. I don’t really apply make up on my face everyday. Just a moisturiser, Nivea Strawberry lip gloss (which is my best friend since I was in school) and thick layer of eye liner. I don’t like to put on comoact powder or foundation because my skin is too sensitive with the chemical and yeah…….. Pimples are growing and spreading on my skin.

So here gonna be my first ever write-ups about make up and stuffs like that. I am going to share my own experience with Bobbi Brown. I simply went to Bobbi Brown to buy a mascara. I choose Smoky Eye Mascara and it cost me about RM 105.

Just a layer or two, the eye brow looks longer. I will share the natural make up/ based make up looks in the next chapter okay.

Eye make up does not complete without eye shadow even as a basic make up. 

So here I got the Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick. It is shimmer and  noticeable when I wear it..

Apart from this, I grab an eye liner. I am a big fan of roll-pencil eye liner because I don’t need to sharpen it. But the promoter offer me even better choice., so I go for the gel-eye liner. It comes with an ultra fine eye-liner brush. Actually this is the mini set. Cost me cheaper than the normal size which is RM 180 for both eye liner and the brush.

Seriously, it is easy to wear even better than the pencil eye liner. It is long lasting wear and for sure I am gonna need the make up remover for this… And here is the set of it =D

Imma such a happy kid! I will share the basic looks with those products okay. And Im gonna update more on my so-called “best friend”  make up in the future. Stay tune!

With loves, xoxo AJ


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