Cosmetic: The eye – NYX

Hi girls!

Again this time I am going to review about the make up that I use. So this time, it is the eyebrow pencil from NYX. My colleague is selling NYX products and she got all the items directly from US. So whenever she have it in the office, I will have a look just in case I have some interrest to grab one =p (which I always do). So this is what I got last month if nit mistaken. I picked the dark brown color since I want to look natural when I put it on. As if anyone noticed that my eyebrow is a bit thick and not too obvious that I draw my eye brow =p It cost me RM 20 kot… I can’t remember the price..

The second item is thebrow highlighter, and I am not so familiar with this brand… “Bhcosmetics”. I bought from my colleague as well. There are 2 colors, one is more to sand color and the other one a bit pinky color but both are shimmering. I just apply it under my eye brow to cover the brow. 
Well, i like both of the products and it makes my day! 😀

I will share more on future updates.

With loves, xoxo AJ

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