Food: Lamb chop by Adyba Jee

I love to cook. Especially when I have free times and long day at home. I even ‘tapau’ home cook to work. Why? Because it is healthy and kinda difficult for me to get a good food nearby office. And I do not like to cross the main road to go to shopping mall just across the office. Crossing the road taking up to 10-15 minutes (return), walking in the mall to subway will take up to 5 minutes. Waiting in the queue and order at least 10 minutes. So only half an hour for me to take the lift, go up and eat. Ah! I am wasting most of my time in the traffic tho…

Today I suppose to go to laundry to wash up all my clothes but ended up staying in the house whole day. The lift is still under maintenance and how could I carry 7-8kgs of my clothes from 14th floor down and walk up… I can die within…

So, I cook to fill my stomach. Thank god I bought grocceries last week. Still have chicken, lamb and fish. I can survive hihi.

There you go.. Lamb chop and veges. 

Veges = cherries tomato, zuchini, peas, mushroom and baby beet roots.
Lamb = marinated with pepper, oyster sauce, olive oil

I just leave the lamb on the pan till cook and on the same time put all veges on the pan.
No salt and no sugar.


With loves, xoxo AJ


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