Food: Fish Manhattan on Weekend

Hello  guys!
Another Sunday just passed. I had a long day with friends yesterday. My main purposes of going out was to get a make up brush from Sephora, Start Hill. But ended up with window shopping, lunch and movie. Yeah! I have not done this for months. And this is my first hang out and movie for this year. Since my dad passed away, I just keep myself at home on my off day.
So let’s get back to my so-called weekend. lol! After the make up hunting, I went for lunch at Fish Manhattan as a treats for so long not having good food for my self =p

The food successfully fill my stomach lol. Mine one cost +-RM 20 not included tax. Since there was a promo for those who have a Watson card, can redeem baked cheese dory with free complementary of soup of the day and peach/lemon tea. It cost about RM 20.90 excluded tax. Soon GST will be effective and effected the tax. So enjoy while it lasts =p

Til then. With loves, xoxo AJ


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