Cosmetic: Rouge a levres – Brown 4 – from Bobbi Brown

Weekend was awesome. Super duper awesome! Apart from having good food, I had a very good mood to waste some money for something that I am into. Lol. So, again, I went to Bobbi Brown in Pavilion. Actually just passing by since it is located opposite of ZARA. I was looking for promos, they do have promos but they do not have what I want. *ah, demn choosie lah my self*.

I already have something in mind that I have been wanting for soo long.. LipStick! The only lipstick I have is the RED and wear it like once in a while becaue the colour is too obvious and yeah, everybody will noticed a hot girl with reddish on the lips and sweet smile. So, after have a look and try this and that, I told the beautician that I wanted something nude but not too brown, something pink but not too pink. I want it natural. Haha. 

A stick of Bobbi Brown lipstick.

Why I chose Bobbi Brown? 
Because I like nude, naked color. Since I have a ‘hitam manis’, it is just suit me

I got this for my self. Rouge a levres – brown 4. Soft matte. I knew it is a bit expensive but still I am satisfy to have such quality products on my face. Plus it is a treats for my self. Whatever happens, we should have or get something for our self every month after getting paid. After cut off all expenses and savings, we MUST get something. It is call, SATISFACTION!

Thank you for the recommendation beautician, You just made me drop my money again about eighty eight bux! But again, thank you because I like it 🙂


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