Food: Ichiban Ramen & I heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk

There you go my Saturday. Ichiban Ramen served kimuchi ramen.. So far what I’d had, this is the best. The soup looks like tasteless but it is damn good. Combination with kimchi, slices of chicken, dried mushroom, handmade ramen… Nyummy! If not mistaken, we can but the ready-made or flavoring of miso soup at AEON. Just go to any AEON, you can find if at the groceries section. So, this set include watermelon ang gioza. This cost me about.. More less 19 bux if not mistaken.
So, why “I heart Paris”? I love the storyline, the book! It is about a girl who work with an advertising company and do blogging. She have a musician boyfriend. She has been offered to write an article for Belle magazine about fashion. On the same time, her boyfriend invited her to go to Paris since he have a band show. So, Angela the girl, do not hav any experience writing about fashion and she contacted her best friend to her he with fashion. Plus she is going to Paris and will have to dress up. Well, it is Paris, the city of fashion. Her friends sent her few branded clothes, unfortunately, she lost in on her way to Paris…….

You have to read to know more. Hehe. It is written in simple English and easy to understand the story line. While having lunch alone, it is good time to read. Rather than being too-social-medias, right.? 

Til then. With lives, xoxo AJ.

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