Skincare: White Radiance Serum by Olay

Hi all!

Again the beauty of the skin. The main concern of every girl on earth to care about their skin. It is not about having bright skin but having healthy , radiance and clear skin. Most important clean! Apart from using moisturizer, Serum is my best friend now and then. I used to use few brands but seems this is most suitable to my skin.

White Radiance Serum from Olay cost about 40 bux if not mistaken. I can’t remember the price. Since I only bought this product once in life and the rest, my mom bought for me. lol! My mom always have the guts to buy me all this kind of stuff and even sometimes, she promoting me to buy this and that. So far, a bottle of serum last for 2-2.3 months for me. I apply it twice a day before applying the Aloe Soothing Gel. Since I have Aloe Soothing gel, I rarely use this. But still at least once a day. Alhamdulillah, I do not have any skin problem. Clean and clean still. lol.

*Tips: Back when I was early teenage stage, I do have pimple once in a while. So what I did was..

I took “bedak sejuk” (It is made of fermented rice. Usually my late grandmother/opah will made lots of it so I take some for myself) then I mix it with few drop of lime. After that I will apply it just on the pimple. Can feel a bit burning but in few days, the pimple gone. No pain no gain! 🙂

So that’s it for now. 

With loves. xoxo AJ


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