Hobby: Souvenires collection – Small but meaningfull

Hobby? Yes, everyone do have hobby. But me.. i have hobbies.. Hehe. So, recently, my friend went for a holiday to Jakarta and just added my collection. Even it is small, but I love it. I do have a lot of keychain from over the world. Mostly given by family and friends. And even, I never been to the places, but still I have them in my collection. I prefer a keychain or any souvenirs that stated name of the location. Here it is, from Jakarta. Once I got it, it makes me think, what is the key chain made from? My thought was from mud since it is cold. But my friend said, it is from wood and the paint made it feel cold. May be I can use it to replace pawn for my chess =p

Another one from Pangkor. This one was made from the shells. Since Pangkor Island is surrounding by beach, I doubt the maker collect it from beach and turn to this. Such a creative work. I have been to this plcae long time ago especially when I was kid. I have not traveling much since grown up. But again, thank you family and friend for those sweet gift and reminds me of my memories 🙂

Here are some of my collection. Still have more at mommy’s place. Key chains, pouch, chop stick, fridge magnet,pen, sticker.. Oh to many to list down lol.

Let me close up a bit… Is there anyone of them fro you? 🙂 if no, you guys better send one for me from your country. Lol.

Anyone do have the same passion of any? It is good to share.

Til then. With loves, xoxo AJ


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