Eva The Somali Breed: Lymphoma Cancer and surviving

Hi all! I haven’t share about Eva for quite sometimes. Back to January 2015. I went back to hometown to see my late father. So I left Eva with my good friends. They also owned a cat, exactly same color as Eva but he is a boy. After few days, my friend called me and informed me that Eva is sick and short breath. She don’t eat. Breathing through her mouth. Really sick. I was so down. I am worrying about my father and on the same time, my baby sick. 

It is not easy to have a good friend nowadays,. But luckily, I do have. Eva did not eat for 2 days and they were planning to bring her to the Vet. They brought Eva to Vet at Cheras, unfortunately, they could not do anything on Eva. They don’t even bother to see. They just provided a letter to refer to Vet at UPM. UPM closed early, they could not make it on the same day. Eva is getting worst. So, on the next day, my friend took Emergency Leave. And brought her to UPM with the reference letter. 

Doctor checked on her and found out her lung is too small and loads of water in her body. Which causes her short breath and weak. So, doctor shave her fur on the right and left side of her body to take out the water. Bad news is, the water mix with something else. They have investigate and verified, it was the cancer cell. Confirmed she has lymphoma Cancer. 😦

I came back to KL. After I have done all my late father’s issue. I went to fetch her. She was soo thin and weak. She don’t even bother I came. She was sitting at one place. My friends help to get her inside the cage. I am so sad. 

Above photo was taken after the second medical check up. This time, I already have her in hand. She was weak and left at UPM for 3 days. Honestly, at that point, I don’t mind how much money I have to spent as long as she is getting healthy again.

Doctor put her drugs. One of the leg has been shaved to drip her. She was breathing with oxygen support. It scares me. I was afraid. Afraid of losing.

This is her again, still surviving and have take medicine to reduce the water. She is no more taking bath. Most of the time the sleep. And this time, I was packing scarves for customer. It was the first layback pose from her since she weak. I am happy mommy! She is starting to be busy body and checking out whatever I do. I will share more about her in the future pose. 

Eva, you are strong girl and you can survive.  She is surviving until now, she still with me. I pray for your health. I love you til end of my live. 

With loves, xoxo AJ.


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