Eva The Somali Breed: RIP baby

A few hours after my post about her, I went for my lunch break and about to go back to the office. Suddenly, I received a message saying that, “Eva died”. At first, I can chill but few I suddenly cried. My heart broke. I just saw feed her and comb her fur before I off to work yesterday. But she left and didn’t wait for me to be back home ;(

At that point, I could not control my feelings anymore, I see my boss to take off and go back. Thank you for being so understanding boss. I am lucky to have good and understanding employer. On the way back home, I called my mom and friends. Again, I am lucky because my friends AK, Ace, Azie and Kajol came to help me burried her. 

I have been living with her since she was 2 months old. I sleep, eat, play, travel with her. Even when I in the shower, she will wait for me outside the door. This clever girl only pee or poop in the sand container and never messed place. She undeRstood when I told her to “sit”. She will follow me if I count 1, 2, 3. 

Suddenly, today, when I arrived home, I saw her sleeping but not responding. I was crying again on AK’s shoulder. How do I do this…. Ace and Azie came help to fold her in her towel . So we are ready for to send her to a new home.

Once back home, I feel empty, no one calling me (meow meow) and follow me to the bed. No more wake up call early morning from her. Again, I will have a nightmare and a problem to sleep. In less than 2 months, I loss my father and Eva. 

“She might be just a cat for you, but she ia a daughter for me”.

I will miss you Eva. I love you til end of my last breath. Rest In Peace. I hope to see you again in heaven.

RIP Eva. March 19, 2015.

With loves, xoxo AJ.

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