Food: Sushi King over the weekend

Hi all! How was your weekend? Mina was fine. A bit boring since Eva no more around 😦 Usually , there is something that I can play with and talk to. (*Cat don’t talk but still I am talked to her. She responded “meow meow meow”. I assumed she understood*). It was lazy Sunday since KL was since early morning. So I was hibernating at home. Around the afternoon, the raining stop, so I went to AEON and bought groceries. In half an hour I go back home, cook and had lunch. 

My twin came and fetch me around 4 oclock. I accompanied her to get her wedding stuffs, flowers, etc. Soo, ended up with having Japanese dish at Sushi King in Bangi. All I could say, Sushi King still cannot beat Sushi Zanmai. It is just my personal opinion. But then, Sushi Zanmai only in certain mall. So, never mind…

TOTAL for all was about 1 and half an hour to enjoy the food. A good company, a good time, good relationship, enjoyable, quality time. All I could say is an AWESOME day does not need to buy but giving a good companion 🙂

Til the. With loves, xoxo AJ.


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