Health: Let’s Juice Booster! @ Juice Works

Heyyo! Wishing everyone happy weekend. I have been so tired and busy for the last 2 weeks. Starts my day early morning, go to work and back home mid night. Repeat the same thing for almost 2 weeks. Even on off day, I have tight schedule for my self to settle up deliveries etc.

Saturday never failed! Boost up my energy with healthy drink. I am having Berry Burst right now while waiting for my brother to find his books at Times. 

Fresh fruits and juicy and healthy some more. Mine one cost me about RM 11 if not mistaken. I love berries so I don’t mind the sour taste. 
There you go.. Lots of menu for you to choose. Each or it provides good nutrition for our body. Mine one is for good eye sight. I hope I don’t need to wear my glasses once finish this booster drinks =p

Got to go!

With loves, xoxo AJ

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