Hobby: Movie tickets

Hello y’all! So this is my another collection. I never exposed to anyone even my mom don’t even know =p It is nicely arranged in my album.

Let’s see what is inside…
This is gonna be my first ever movie for 2015 that I watched in cinema. Chappie was a good movie even it does not make sense when human memories and life can be transfer to robot. It seems like gonna have the second Chappie based on the ending. But well, I am not sure, just hope the producer will produce Chappie 2 šŸ˜€

Some of the collection…

Oldest ticket was 2007 and I can’t see the movie name though. I should write down 8 years back lol.

It is just a useless tickets, but for me it is a value since I went to a cinema to watch an original show instead of buying pirates DVD (*I do have come at home =p*) This ticket it is an appreciation for the actor, actress and whoever involved in the film making.Ā 

I was thinking if any film producer will call me for casting perhaps? Oh ya, I do have my video on YouTube, please watch šŸ™‚

Til then. With loves, xoxo AJ


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