Shopping: Chicco NextFit @ One Utama

Hey guys!

Three weeks back I went out with my brother to get something for our lovely mother and youngest brother since he is going back to hometown. He just completed the Bidding Project after 2 months in KL.  I hope they will win the bidding. So, after hang around Bukit Bintang, we went to One Utama to get his sports shoes. Coincided my schoolmate beep me and ask some help to buy him a baby car seat. I was like “seriously? For whom? I knew he just got married but it that quick. Lol”. His wife which is our schoolmate as well just got pregnant =D

I swear I will not buy the car seat if I went alone. I box it damn big even bigger than the trolly. But yeah, thank you for my brother since he helped me out. hehe.

It is NexttFit Red color cost RM 1099. It is damn cheap and last day promo at Chicco on March 29, 2015. No wonder he really want the car seat lol. The most awkward thing happened when the sales person though that I am buying for my self . Most of the time whenever I went out with my brother, people will assumed that he is my boyfriend. Lol.

Okay til then, xoxo. AJ


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