Coffee Junkie: Coffea Coffee @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

Hello guys!

It was a long and tiring weekend. After my best friend’s wedding, I and other friends went for a sip of coffee at Coffea Coffee located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Was supposed to go to La Bodega Bangsar, but ended up here since my friend is not at BSC today. But never mind, all of us gather here.

This is macchiato but a friend of mine does not like it because the milk foam is too thick. Macchiato supposed to have very small amount to milk foam. But never mind… We still had fun 🙂


So, I had Green Tea Latte. Tell you what, I love green tea. I drink plain green tea every day in the office. So I used to drink it without sugar. Oh no sugar at all. So back to green tea latte over here, it is “OK la”. so-so.

Never leave the cup without sticking a bit of my Bobbi Brown on.


So, there were Lily, Elle, Zuzu, Sharul, Me, Sheryl and Sheryl. We are not coffee junkie but we are coffee lover.

Til then!
With loves, AJ muchos!


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