Food: Banana Leaf Rice (Nasi Daun Pisang) Nirwana @ Bangsar

Hey! It is Banana Leaf Rice!

Remember I told you the day I went to Coffea Coffee? ME and friend went to Nirwana Bansar for dinner. It is2 blocks away and just walk there. Damn lotsa rice, as usualy, I eat like quarter of it and the rest, Zuzu will finished them. Lol. He used to finish all the foods but still can maintain his figure. 

It was my first time being there. The fried vegetables was damn good. I was able to finished all the veggies except the rice and chicken. Too bad. I ordered Chicken Kurma. It is spicy. 

There were Zuzu, Sheril, Sheril, Kifli Mally, Elle, me and Sharul. We had fun and full =D

I am going there again for the fried veggies. I have to leave now. It is time to go back home. Yeay!

Til then , with loves, AJ Muchos!

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