Fashion: Me and high heels

Hello girls!

I could say, high heels is one of girls best friend. But not all likes to wear high heels. Right?

I loves high heels much. But still I don’t wear it everyday or on the day I have to stand for long hours. Actually, I went to Sunway Pyramid last weekend. Not really looking for heels but to release tension. My best cure when I am down or frustrated or sad or mad is ONLY “SHOPPING” 😀

I have loads of heels and also have the one I never wear yet. lol. I love high heels and handbags.

So, I haven’t buy any of those above. Just simply trying for fun 🙂 The reason why I don’t buy is because, I am in the middle of moving house and all my stuffs are everywhere. It is not the right time to add up more. Soon, I will share my collections once I am settle down.  

Til then, xoxo. AJ. Muchos!

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