Food: Breakfast at Chawan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

Hey readers!

It has been sometimes I have not hang out with just The Terungs. Maybe some of you wondering who are “The Terungs” right? Let me recall, The Terungs is the team of myself, Zuzu and Kifli Mally. We do have a videos where you can find in youtube and instagram. But it was long time ago. And we are bout to start it all over again. lol. I pretty sure, some of you remember “Anjalna”. But now, Anjalna is wearing scarf. lol. 

So, The Terungs went for a breakfast at Chawan Bangsar last weekend for another video shoot. The very first coffee for the day. Kopi Tanjung Malim. The have more than 10 types of coffee originate from each states in Malaysia. I haven’t try all yet.

Obviously, this is not mine. It is Zuzu’s one. Nasi Tomato(Tomato Rice) & rendang daging. Too heavy for breakfast isn’t it?

This is Roti Bom and Chicken Curry. This one, mak ayam punya. Still not mine. Oily and thick some more. I don’t like it that way.

Yes, this was what I ordered. Steam banana. This is pisang nangka, sweet and sour taste. Served withgrated coconut and sambal. I eat it plain.

All cost us about RM 30++. Quite expensive including GST 6% and Service Charge 10%. But who cares if you can afford it, right?

Til then mi amor. With loves, AJ. Muchos!

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