General: Moving house and lorry for rent

Hi guys!

It was long and tiring week last week and til now. I haven’t have enough rest yet. Finally, I managed to moved to a new house. With the help from Joy. Thank you so much Joy. He help me all night after 12 am. One week in a row, I will fetch him went to the old house, packing my stuffs and moved to new house. It is damn tiring. We finish at 2-3 am roughly.  So, Friday was the big wave of moving house. 3 tonnes lorry and 5 head counts helping me. Can you image how much stuffs I had? lol. 

This is just half of it. Too much small items. I have been keeping and collecting all my stuffs since 5 -6 years back lol. I have like complete household needs.

Everything is getting better now. However, still have more thing to settle up. Anyway, thank you everyone who help me though from day 1 shifting house til now. Really appreciate it.

By the way, if any of you guys need to rent a lorry to move house or office o any, you can contact this guy AYIE +6012 243 1623 But I am not sure, if he is available outside of KL/Selangor.

Til then, muchos! -AJ-

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