Food: Wondermama @ Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, KL

Heyyo! I am back again with my food obsession =p 
Anyway, it was my first time to Wondermama. The interior is nice. Good for chill out session there. The moment I step inside, I was wondering what is so special about this place? Look at the menu, “oh, quite expensive. The menu pun biasa je. Can get from mamak”. Nevermind, I just get my ass for 5 pax. (I went there since my ex-housemate/house owner invited for lunch. I have been renting with her for 5-6 years, since I was studied. That day, Eve came with Winberly, Michelle and Win’s brother. So much to alk about with them, with Eve especially.. 🙂 ). 

So, let’s get on the menu…

The first thing I look for is, drink…Nice colour and nice taste. It is Three layer pandan, if I am not mistaken. I just love the pandan. But I am still wondering, is it from real pandan leaves or they use the pandan flavoring? But anyway, it is good.

Don’t you guys know that they have the best Seafood Meggi Goreng ? What so special about it? Lots of SEAFOOD. Yes!

It is damn gooooo. But Eve told me that last time use oyster and testier. That is why people coming back for that. Wondermama should have to served it with oyster the next time I come lol 🙂

The next good food I tried there was, Spaghetti Marinara Seafood with an Asian touch. Some of us don’t really like the real taste of Marinara flavour, but I bet, most Malaysian gonna love it. Because it has the Malaysian touch. 

When I stepped out of the restaurant, I would say, some food there are worth the price. I could not finish it alone, I rather share lol. Big thanks to Eve for the treats 😀 I am gonna miss you girl! Hope to see you some other times and please do keep in touch. I hope you read this 🙂

Till then , with loves, muchos!


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