General: Petronas Gift Card from RHB Bank

Hello guys! 
Recently I have received Petronas Gift Card from RHB Bank. Oh! Thank you so much RHB! You just made my day 😀

Anyway, I am not too sure was was the card purposes. So here, I attach some information about it, just in case you have it but not too sure what to do about it…

About Your Gift Card
Q1. What is the PETRONAS Gift Card?

  • It is a pre-approved card for purchasing fuel & products from Outdoor Payment Terminal and Mesra Store. It is conveniently reloadable & reusable. It is as good as cash; no PIN required, so minus the trouble remembering another set of numbers

Q2. Why should I use the Gift Card?

  • Save the hassle – No more going to the cashier counter and pay cash; now you can buy fuel straight at the pump
  • Make it a special and the most practical gift
  • Ideal for businesses as part of corporate incentive plans. A great way to thank or impress clients or employees and maintain good relationships

Q3. Do I get my Mesra Points when I purchase fuel and products from Mesra Store?

  • Yes. You will still enjoy the suite of rewards with your Mesra Card & collect Mesra Points when you transact with your Gift Card
  • However, you will only get rebates* on your Gift Card from fuel product purchase
  • Visit a PETRONAS Station to get a Mesra Card, and remember to register on-spot to enjoy all the privileges

Q4. Where can I top-up or reload my Gift Card?

  • Any PETRONAS Station which has top-up facilities
  • Currently, there are over 700 PETRONAS Service Stations with top-up facilities
  • For a list of participating PETRONAS Service Station, refer > MyMesra > Service Station Locator

Q5. How do I check my account balance?

  • You can check your balance at any PETRONAS Stations nationwide which have top up facilities or call Mesralink at 1300-88-8181

Q6. What should I do if I lost my GiftCard?

  • Your Gift Card is as good as cash. No refund will be made for lost card

Q7. Am I entitled for refund if I decided to cancel my card?

  • No

Q9. Where can I get access to the full Terms and Conditions for the usage of the Gift Card?

  • You can access it anytime from à MyMesra > About PDB > Products & Services > Gift Card

* Rate of rebate to vary from time to time

Original content is from MyMesra

I have used swipe for fuel tank lol. I did not reload it yet up til now since still have some amount. Happy to keep my credit card for the time being lol. What ever it is, I am such a happy kid! Happy! Happy! Happy! 

Thank you RHB for the gift card! I hope to have more 🙂 Til then!

Muchos! AJ 

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