Event: Cousin’s wedding @ Putrajaya

Hey guys! 

Today I would like to share about the Malay Wedding. I attended my cousin’s reception at Putrajaya. I was good to see families. As always do, I do talk-a-lot =p So, this is my first time me attended extended families event without my dad. I am very closed to my dad’s side.

The very first step I walk in to the hall, I saw almost every of my uncles, aunties and cousins. There were 2 main stream question,
1, “Sorang je?” / “Alone?”
2,  “Bila lagi?” / “When is your turn?”

Well, I will be smiling all times whenever thy throw me that “killer” questions. Haha. Obviously, I am always alone attending any families event and will be sitting with my uncle and/or aunty. But this time, it is a bit different. lol. 

So, before I went back, I met my late opah’s (granny) sisters (The youngest sister really looks like late-opah). I shake hand and told my aunt that I am leaving now. 
Aunt: kamu bila lagi?
Me: In sha Allah, soon. Calon jauh sangat, tak datang lagi..
Aunt: jauh dekat mana?
Me: Tak tau lagi, Arab ke Mat saleh ke. Tengoklah yang mana. haha
Aunt: Cerita la sikit siapa dia”. 
Deep down in my heart, *oh mi god, what did I say just now*
Me: Tak tau lagi, jauh, kat arab ke kat europe ke. haha.
Aunties: Dulu boifren mat saleh, skang arab ? Tokei minyak ke?
Me: haha. *bila pulak aku ada ex-boifriend  mat saleh*
Aunt: Pegi la bagi tau opah, ada boifriend arab
Me; *shit! apa aku dah salah cakap ke* Senyum lagi…
Opah (My late-opah’s youngest sister) lambai and calling me. : Elok la orang arab, nanti senang nak pergi sana. 
Me: smiling and #@#$%^&*()#$%&^*  In sha Allah, opah doa-doa kan la. *deep down inside, I am dying*

Well, I could not stop laughing and smiling because of what happened. Obviously, I am not attached to anyone, so I don’t bother whoever that man. I do like someone. But, well, no comment. 

Okay, back to the wedding, I am not so sure about the wedding planning since I do not involved. The pelamin was nice. But the lighting was too light, even when I took picture, still can see the brightness. 

I had like 4 spoons rice, veges and a bit of chicken. And then, the bubur kacang my favorite. I am on diet. Haha. Let me expose my self a bit =p

Little cousin and me. I need a high heels to be as tall as her. Why am I so short =.=

Selamat Pengantin Baru Naja!

Anyway, it just made my day! lol! Happy weekend guys! Muah ciked!
xoxo By AJ.


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