Event: Niece’s Aqiqah @ Ipoh, Perak

Hi guys!

I have been so busy shifting house and went back to Ipoh for my niece’s Aqiqah. Basically, Aqiqah  the is the event consists of giving a name to the baby, shaving its hair, and offering a sacrifice. Usually, the parent/guardians will slaughter 4 legged animal  such as sheep, lamb or cow. However, the meat cannot be distribute and give to non-Muslim. It is too long to explain this. Let’s get back to my weekend. lol 🙂

The ice-cream lorry is a must. hehe. My aunt will always get a lorry of ice-cream since she knew how much her nieces and nephews loves ice-cream =D

There were 3 lamb has been slaughtered for the event. But still it is not enough and some of us haven’t had it.

So, here what happened when the guest come. Opps! I did not capture any of the guest face. lol. We served buffet, so anyone can take the food by them selves. Most of the guests are closed families and friends. I have invited my best friends as well. Thank you so much for coming all the way from KL to Ipoh. My families we so blessed to have pengantin baru came over 😀 Apart from that, small goodies also given to the kids.. colorful pop-corn and some sweet tooth.

That is all about it. I mean about the event, If anyone of your would like to know more about “aqiqah, please ask Mr. Google 😀

Have fun guys! Muhchos xoxo AJ


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