Event: Saji Magazine 20th Celebration @ Saloma Bistro, Jalan Ampang

Hi All!

How was Fasting days going on so far? Any good of bad? Mine was fine. But I had high fever and still having flu now. It was good that my mom took care of me for few days.  Anyways, I would like to share with you regarding SAJI Magazine 20th Celebration @ Saloma Bistro on June 7, 2015. It was good to have good food lol. Let me shower you with some of the photos over there, unfortunately not so much photo of the audience and the reporters.

Haziq performed on that day. Haiza Dangdut singer also performed but I don’t have their photo together. You guy can check out Haiza’s video on my Youtube Channel.

So here is the goodie bag. What makes the bag so heavy was the Soy Ketchup  lol!

It was a great day on Sunday having a sip of tea surrounding with people and gossips. lol! Anyone else was there too?

 I need to get off now since I have a video shooting, Till then! Muchos! xoxo AJ

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