Recipe: Easy Pasta Soup

Hey guys!

How’s Ramadhan so far?  Almost every reader never knew that I love to cook. Especially baking 🙂 So, here let me share one of healthy recipe, good for your diet. lol.

It is very easy, simple, tasty and yummy!


Butter (small cube 2cm x2cm x2cm) *I dont know how to define lol*
4-5 drops olives oil
Carrot (cube)
Potato (cube)
Green peas
Lemon (1/4 of lemon juice )
Tomato ketchup 2-3spoons
Mix herbs

First of all, boil the pasta until its cook, the best is when it is al-dente. Just nice, cooked and firm to bite. Pour 4-5 drops of olives oil, to make sure the pasta wont stick.

So how to cook?

Melt the butter in hot pan
Fry potato, carrot til half cook
Add the onion (The reason why is because, potato and carrot will take sometimes to cook, adding onion too early will burn it lol. I am not too good to explain how to cook.)
Add the green peas
Add tomato ketchup
Add water
Add lemon juice
Add pasta
Stir for 5 minutes and it is done. Oh not to for get the mixed herbs 🙂

Til then ! Muchos!


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