Service: Commissioner of Oaths in KL

Hello everyone,

I have been really busy this few weeks. Again, I am using the same reason of not being able to update my blog. lol. Anyway, last week, I attended motivational courses in KL with one of my best friend or I should refer as partner in crime 😀 The very last time I met her when she got pregnant, 2 years back and now I meet and her baby. I like and would love to attend the seminar again in the future , I mean if it’s the same speaker. Lots of positive vibes comes along with me. 

On the first day of the seminar, I woke and be ready early morning, excited and also have to rush here and there regarding the inheritance of my dad’s. The first thing came in my mind before I went to see the commissioner, “how much it will cost me. omg. 100 bux for one signature and stamp is ridiculous”. However, I found one with very reasonable and cheap. The Commissioneris so friendly and very cooperative. Let me share where you can get Commissioner of Oaths in KL.

(*Location: Next to 7-Eleven. There is a small black sign board at the stairs*)
Do you guess how much for the  service ? I cost me RM 12 bux for 3 stamps and signatures. I feel good! 😀 He charged me based on standardized price that has been set for Commissioner of Oaths services. So, don’t get cheated with the ridiculous price from other Commissioner of Oaths.

So that’s for now.
With loves, Adyba Jee. xoxo


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