Make Up: Marc Jacobs – Kiss Pop Lip Color, Strawberry Red

Hi Girls! (This content are meant for girls, opps!)
Let see what I’ve got here this time, 

 Bought form Sephora @ Bukit Bintang for 95 MYR.
Honestly, I like it because it is long lasting. Believe me or not, “ kissable color from an ultra-covetable“, taken from Marc Jacobs’ site. And I second that! 

It is still there on my lips even after I had my meal. One no good thing is, we have to use make up remover to remove the lip color lol. But overall, I am satisfied with this one!

This is how am I looks like with that so-called Marc Jacobs’ – Kiss Pop Lipstick!

Can’t you see how it works on me ? 😀

“I also think it’s very sexy—this idea of popping your lips.”—Marc Jacobs 


With loves, 
AJ xoxo


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