Food: Bunga Tanjung Western & Grill, Kampung Melayu Subang

Hello everyone!

This time I went to more venturous spots for food. It is very complicated to get there. Fortunately my best friends drove there to try the food. The idea of getting there is because Nora best friend) was craving for sweet tooth. (But I think maybe her baby inside the womb craving for it) Anyway, I also was wondering , how the heck her hubby got to know the place? So, the owner was his schoolmate. I never heard and never knew this place until that night. lol! 
It is located in the middle of housing area and all the way to “Bunga Tanjung” feels like  I am really in the village 😀 Thank god not to crowd when we got there.

Last night special’s was Baked Meatballs Serve with Gratin. I had that! I could give two thumbs up for that. The meatballs is soft and the tomato based is good. Those who have likes western but having like very Malaysian tongue, I recommend here!

See… The cheese is melting.. nyums!

So another sweet tooth that we had was, this…
Bunga Tanjung Nachos

You can’t get enough of it. It is good.

Another specialty there is the “Nasi Lemak”. However, any of us did not take it as it is already mid-night lol. Enough food for the night. My best friend had tried that last time, as she said the “Nasi Lemak” was awesome! Maybe next time  I will 🙂

So here, I managed to get the menus screen shot. 
Believe it or not, it is really worth it! Cheap and tasty!

I have attached the map to get there. Just in case if you lost.
You can use WAZE for better accurate location yaw!

Til then!

xoxo AJ

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