Food: Pancake House, Paradigm Mall

Heyyo! Another sweet tooth for early this month 😀
I was looking for something light and not too sweet but good. lol!
So here my leg brought me on my off day. Actually, I went to see my best friend. Lotsa girls stuffs need to talk about :”> We do gossip everyday but to meet each other nowadays is not that “easy” as she have another commitments with husband  and families since she got married. And me working on odd hour is another challenge to manage time for be with my families and friends. 
Since, it is “evening tea” time, We decided to get some pancakes and a cup of hot chocolates (for my self). She is not having any sweet drink, maybe too sweet for the baby in the womb. lol. 

There was no one inside the restaurant when first we stepped in. Wondering why? The pancake and waffle should not be good as Paddington House of Pancake, but why not? With no other customer, we go ahead to get some snack. Never mind, we should try.

So, I was looking at the menu and got the Cheese Waffle for my self and Nora (my best friend) got her self Layered Chocolate Pancakes. 

The service is okay with 1 barista and 1 waitress. After they took our orders, a lady came with kids. After that she deliver the drinks to us and that lady. We had 2 warm water for me and Aish Kus and hot chocolate for myself. Nora told me the warm water taste like a soap. I taste mine, so yes is it! That is no good.. I called up the waitress and she got into the bar, wash the glasses and replace a new warm water. That’s way better than the barista boy whom prepared earlier. I can see her effort to provide us good service. I don’t really want to condemn and I don’t take bad photo on food. But something about the restaurant that makes me think twice to come again. The food deco is good but I could say “selekeh” as I could see the chocolate and cheese drop here and here on the plate. Even my hot chocolate drinks, The chocolate powder is round the cup. It is so mess! Last but not least, they use the paper menu/promo on the table, but I can see drops of drink on it. Come on, the paper cost you less that 10 cent, why can’t you change it with a new one? We do pay but hell, I don’t bother to come again. 


The pancake and waffle are good. The honey is too sweet and very liquid. (My doubt: They must be mixing the honey and liquid sugar, so I don’t like it. It does not taste like honey!

So, I’ve got my answer why no customer at the first place. (*Wink*).
Thanks for reading:)
xoxo AJ

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