What you can buy with 100 MYR in Malaysia?

Hey guys!

Today I will share my experience shopping with MYR 100 in Malaysia. I challenged my self to bring only MYR 100 for a day in Kuala Lumpur. I did not bring extra money or keep small coins. I will need to use that 100 ringgit what ever it takes. 

This time I went for the lowest shopping cost. I went to Times Square @ Jalan Imbi. Since there are a lot of shops selling cheap clothes. 

Train LRT : MYR 3.10 x 2 = MYR 6.20
Lunch @ Wendy’s Times Square : MYR 10.90
Pants: MYR 18
Skirt: MYR 40
iPhone 6 casing: MRT 10
Elianto Nail Polish: MYR 9.90

I don’t simply but for nothing. So, I got my new phone casing. I haven’t gotten new one since I bought it end of April 2015. I have been looking for nude color nail polish, so there it is. The pant is purposely for my aerobic / exercise 😀 
Last but not least, the skirt is for event and it can suite with any dress, so, I bought it. 

Just in case if any of you guys come to Kuala Lumpur, you can go there to find good deals for clothes, accessories, etc. From the baby wear to the Halloween costume to the birthday party shop, you can get it there. But it is crowded with school  kids / teenager during weekends. 

That’s all for now.

Thanks! AJ

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