Event: Yuna – Live in Malaysia

Hello guys!
Recently, there was a show case from our Malaysian singer who have reach her mile stone and growing up internationally. She is YUNA. I attended Yuna Live in Malaysia with my friends and it was last minute invitation.

Fortunately, I was lucky to get the Platinum seats and not too far from the stage 😀 So we were able to watch Yuna and have fun on the show.

Opening was performed by Noh – Hujan Band. He sang 3 songs acoustically with the back up singer and keyboardist. 

Together with his stand up comedy, we love the show 🙂

Here is Yuna! She looks so stunning with her sparkling dress by Hatta Dolmat. I am satisfied and had fun. She performed at her best with her team – Bass Sharon, keyboardist Melina, Lead guitar Ag, bass Shafiq and Drum Adil (Correct me if I am wrong). 

She started the show by performing one of her hit song in Malyasia – “Dan Sebenarnya”.

Some other songs that she sang was, Terukir Di Bintang, Moutain, Falling, I Wanna Go, Rescue, COme back and Someone You Can.

The show was happening during. All the audience were so happy and enjoy it. So do I 🙂

That was all for the night. YOU ARE  AWESOME YUNA!

You guys can check out my Youtube channel at Adyba Jee to watch some of Yuna show and I am sorry for the bad photo quality. 

Thanks for reading! with loves, xoxo AJ

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