iPhone App: Spotify vs Apple Music

Hello guys!

There are millions of songs on earth and we could not listen to each of it every seconds but still, we listen to our favourite one song or artist at least. Either to boost up our energy, or when we have mix feelings or anything. As an iPhone user, it is incomplete without having good music App on it. Almost everyone in Malaysia have one kind expression about iPhone user which is “an iPhone user is all about show off, high maintenance, expensive, luxury, limited edition and originality”. I could not deny that. The statement might be true but not all iPhonetic are like that. iPhone price is quite expensive and the user have to pay for most of the App from Apple Store. It does not sounds good for Anrdoid user to pay for the App. I am not bias as I have both but platform but I prefer iPhone thought.

            Anyway,that was not really my point this time. It is about the Music streaming application on iOS. So, all these while, I’ve been illegally downloaded songs from any sources on the net and got it from friends too. Some of my friends are iPhone users and they have been condemn me due to those pirates music that I have, with a heart breaking quote, “You are using an expensive phone but listening to pirates songs”. Oh! #deep

          It also does not sounds good to any musician when we are stealing their art work even tough we are using it on the most branded devices. Someone has change my thoughts from being a robbery to be a considerate user. So, instead of I can listen to the song halfway through, I have decide to subscribe for the Spotify App Trial-2months. This is it! From being a robbery at least now I can contribute to everyone who producing those music 🙂 Spotify will cost MYR 14.90 per month for unlimited songs.

          So far, Spotify never failed me to get any songs that I want. I can get it the whole album nor some particular songs. Anyway, I am utilizing Spotify on browser as well, as we can sync songs between phone and web. We can use it from any devices that we can enable for offline just in case there is not internet connection. So this show it looks like from the browser. Just logged in and you can find all songs / artist you have saved from your phone. Cool right ?!

Apple Music offers 3-months trial for the music streaming. It will cost about MYR 17.20 / USD 3.99 per month after you have finish the trial session, but you can always unsubscribe after that. Well, no harm trying 😀 It has similar features as Spotify whereby you can listen to unlimited music with unlimited time or demographic or devised. But you will need to have an iTunes App installed separately on your personal computer to use it. Since it is iOS based App, you need to get use to iTunes. 

         Either one is good and depending on your preferences. Personally, I prefer Spotify because I can stream any time and anywhere without needs to bother the operating system to launch as the Apple Music required iTunes. Spotify have a user-friendly interface too. If only I own iMAC, I will consider for Apple Music 😀 But I am good for now with Spotify. So, keep streaming and say no pirates! 😀 

That’s all for now! Muchos xoxo AJ

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