Festive: Halloween Day – October 31st

Hello everyone! Wondering how do you guys enjoying the Halloween day?
        Since last week office’s team mates have been organizing Halloween Week to celebrate Hal·low·een Day. Halloween celebrations in the office are motivational and fun for employees. Why Halloween at the office? Bear in mind that Halloween is unconnected to any particular religion so diverse employees are rarely offended. Celebrating Halloween in the workplace creates a break from the normal routine and allows employees to have fun together, creating cohesion.

               There are few fun activities but one of my favourite task that they assigned is, “Halloween cake decoration”. Even though Halloween is all about candy, doesn’t mean we can’t have cake. So, we have to scare up some fun with weird, creepy, spooky, cakes. Let see how do we enjoy decorating Halloween cakes here in Malaysia. Each team has been provided with a plain cake, 4 chocolate meises and Gummy Jelly. We can add Halloween elements on the cake based on the team creativity. This is the outcome…

 Apart from above, what else can be done for Halloween ?
  • Horror movie marathon 
  • Host a Halloween party and pot luck 
  • Bake a spooky ghost cake – cakes just like above 
  • Dress up scariest team costume and take a photo
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Go trick or treating (This is fun to do it in a group, but I dont Malaysia is scary enough for this lol!)
Most of listed above are in office activities but Decorating Halloween Cake is my most passion, I ain’t gonna elaborate more on others.But you guys can always share your thoughts and ideas 🙂
Hope your Halloween is fun and spooky. Eat, drink and be scary!
With loves, xoxo AJ

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