Food: Citarasa Linda Onn @ Tesco Ampang

Hi guys! How are you doing?
One of my everyday and week problem is “What to eat today?”. We a lot of food nowadays and we can’t event think of what to eat on some days. Because we had too much good food everyday. lol. So, what happened was, I was craving for Malay cooking but ended up here in Linda Onn’s Restaurant (Linda Onn is a known Radio-DJ and celebrity in Malaysia). 
I knew about the restaurant years ago but this is my very first time to step in to for lunch. I have heard rumours saying that, the chicken rice is no good and expensive. So, why not this time, I took a step in to find out the truth 😀

I ordered their signature Chicken Rice which is Mom’s Original Chicken Rice. The price is MYR 9.50. Chicken rice comes with chicken, rice, home made chilli paste and soup. The rice is good but a bit small portion. Overall, the chicken rice is good and I could give 3/5 stars.

For the average girl like me, it is fine with the portion of the rice, but as for my friends, they said, the rice is so little and not enough lol. But anyway, the food was nice. We don’t order other side dishes this time. Come on, we just finish our Zumba and don’t expected us to eat more. Kidding!

However, I am quite disappointed with the drink. I ordered Coffee Tarik Float. It is just a normal coffee which we can get at Mamak Stall (Indian Muslim Restaurant), the difference is they put an ice cream on the top of the coffee. Honestly, I am totally not satisfy because it does not seems anything special about the drink. It cost me MYR 7.50 and its not worth it. But you can’t go wrong with the chicken rice, it is nice.

Address: Tesco Ampang
Jalan Pandan Muhibbah, Dataran Pandan Prima, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

That is all for now. Anyway, I am still open for anyone who would like to contribute articles. Please e-mail me for inquiries:

Muchos! xoxo AJ


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