Event: LAMPU – Festival Light and Motion @ Putrajaya 2015

Let’s smile and start a little bit different this week. Instead of saying “hi”. I started with “Let’s”. lol. Anyway, last weekend, there was an event in Putrajaya.

      I arrived Precinct 3, Putrajaya around 9.45 PM and it was raining. A bit dark but lamp is everywhere. Walking under the umbrella on slippery and wet road. So, the emcee announce that the light projection show will be resume once raining stops. Seems me and friends has no luck for that. We were waiting until about 10.30 PM and decided to go inside trailers to see the lamp motion. 

I don’t have the photo inside the trailer but you can check out my short clips at my youtube channel or you can view here. Apologise for bad video quality.

Here some of the pictures taken all the way at the event. Even thought we have no luck to see the light projection, we enjoyed the night under the rain. Anyway, that was not so bad. Malaysia had a very bad haze last two weeks for 1 month +. Instead of living in the smoke, we appreciate the night and rains.Generally Malaysian, don’t mind about the weather as long as we could attend those event, correct or not ?
Better luck next year to watch light projection 😀

With love, AJ xoxo

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