App: Dubsmash Phenomenon in Malaysia

Hello everybody! How’s November going on so far ?

I am wondering how many of us here are familiar with this word, “DUBSMASH”. Basically, dubsmash is an audio recording or sound bite from movies, shows, music, and internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over that piece of audio. Mostly, energetic youngsters create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sound. But not everyone would be fooling their self for the video.

In Malaysia, dubsmash has become famous among social media users. Not to mention celebrities but dubsmash has become a platform for average people to become a dubsmash celebrities such as Ucopppp, Kifli Mally, Otam Blurr etc. They have thousands of followers either to be supporter neither haters on Instagram. But that does not the matter. That’s what makes them famous :D

How to “Dubsmash” ?

  1. Download & Install Dubsmash to your phone
  2. Choose Language and country preferences.
  3. Select sound that you wants to play. Dubsmash have more than 20 millions sound in the library. If you cannot find your desire audio, you can  record and upload it to dubsmash.
  4. You can start dub your video.
  5. Once done, you can upload to social media. Bear in mid, Instagram only accept 15 seconds duration.
  6. You can save you sound collection in sound board.

Below are the top rank of dubsmash in Instagram and hashtag you can find in Malaysia; 

#dubsmashMalaysia #dubsmashMalay #malayvine #vinemalaysia #malaysvines #video15saat #videoakukauyangpanas #dubsmashmelayu #dubsmashindonesia @dubshmashmalaysian #dubsmashmalaysian_
Let’s lip sync guys!
With loves, AJ xoxo

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