Event: Rise Up & Aspire "Youth Beyond Boundaries" – YB Khairy Jamaluddin (Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia)

Inspiration. The word that we may have in our mind by looking at his efforts to create awareness among the youth. His vision and personality has brought a new level of youth mentality in Malaysia. Almost every youth inspire his ability and of his plan and look towards the new generations. YB Khairy Jamaluddin (Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia).

Through out his speech at Leaders Series – Rise & Aspire – Youth Beyond Boundaries on November 23, 2015 at Le Quadri Ballroom , UCSI, main campus. He shared few importance keys of leadership skills which he has develop through his own experiences.

  1. Focus on long term vision 
  2. “Shut up noise”
    • Do not interfere what other people say. Listen to the people who can encourage you to the right path. Do not pick all to fight but pick one to fight.
  3. Focus on what you can control
  4. Have a killer target
    • We must have clear target. Come up with plan, milestone and resources as it is very important to develop personal leadership
  5. Lean in
    • Leaning-in or in other words, going all the way to reach the vision. KJ as Youth & Sports Minister has relate this key to the Malaysian health lifestyle. Malaysian is number one country in South East Asia which have the highest of diabetes, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. Only 40 % Malaysian exercise 3 time a week regularly. Based on that, his Minister have came up with “FIT MALAYSIA” event which is occurring all years. Through this program, it could develop a culture of moving and fit for live across Malaysian and make us realized the value in sports and exercise. 
  6. Research
    • Whatever we do must be based on something. If we want to start anything, it must be based on imperial date. We also have to measure what we do to make it relevant for what we reach.
  7. Demonstrate what you do
    • Illustrate what we are doing and communicate our vision
  8. Take closed to the ground & humble
    • The only way to improve ourselves and overcome our mistakes is to stay closed to the ground and be humble. Come up with 10 things did not goes right or things that went wrong instead of look for the right thing all the way
  9. Make the fact you are not right all the time
On the Q&A session, he mentioned about being “empathy” which is to put ourselves in other people shoes to find out what do they feel with out plan / decision will affects them.

As a youth & sports minister, he look at the Malaysian youth who have moved to work outside of the countries as an assets to the country. They are individuals who can assist, add value to us. By continuing in touch with them, they can contribute back home. He also looking forward to see more Malaysian youth to work with Facebook, Google etc. as it is one of the assets and they can help contribute to the country.

We personally encourage youth generation to contribute to community by participating in youth events. This is where we can develop and improve our self. Whenever there is a problem, the will be a chance for us to shine. 

“We want to educate the youth to not just sit on the sidelines and criticism but to stand up and do something”,KJ.
“Think Beyond Boundaries”

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Rise & Aspire “Youth Beyond Boundaries” – YM Khairy Jamaluddin (Minister of Youth & Sports)

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