Movie Review: IP Man 3 (2015)

Big fan of Kung Fu, should not missed the latest sequence of IP Man. IP Man 3 has been on the cinema in Malaysia since last week. The movie is satisfying. Nothing can compared to IP Man 1 & IP Man 2. All are great movies. IP Man 3 is focus on the originality of Wing Chun Kung Fu. On the same time, the school crisis. IP Man’s son had a fight with his schoolmate which is son of one of the Wing Chun’s practitioner.

His son’s school has been attacked by brutal gangsters led by a crooked property developer, Twister (Mike Tyson) . Master Ip is forced to take a stand by at the school to protect the safety. Unfortunate, his son and few other kids has been kidnapped by them as hostage. Ip Man rescue his son and the rest. 
Ipman’s wife is suffering cancer diseased. While waiting for his wife’s turn for check up at the sensei, IP Man is reading the newspaper and her wife saw that Cheung Tin Chi  (Wing Chun’s practitioner) challenge IP Man to prove who have the original Whin Chun. Ip Man turns the page and ignore it. He focus on his wife healthy. On the date which supposed to be the fight, IP Man ignore the event and took his wife for a dance class. Mrs Ip Man was so happy as Ip Man finally fully his promise for the dance. Unfortunately, Mrs Ip mans fell and admitted to the hospital. 
Mrs. IP wrote a letter to Cheung Tin Chi to set a new date for the fight. IP Man agreed to go for the fight. Mrs Ip and their sons watched the fight. Ip Man won the fight and proven to be the original Whin Chun Kung Fu. He quoted, “Your life is nothing without people you love surrounding you”No to long after that, Mrs Ip Man died in 1960.

Duration: 2 Hours
Rate: 9/10

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