Movie Review: In The Heart of The Sea

       In The Heart of The Sea is a based on true story movie about the sank ship, Essex.  It is inspired by the novel “Moby Dick or The Whale” in 1851. After years the sank ship happened, a writer, Herman Melville wrote a letter to Thomas Nickeson for an interview for his book. It took him for a while to convince Thomas for the Essex story. Thomas has never been telling anyone about the Essex including his wife.
        Thomas Nickerson, is not the only person who survive but he is the youngest on the ship and been through challenging time on the ship. The whale oil’s investor, invested a lot for the Essex and hired the best among the best of their crew. Owen Chase which is married to a pregnant wife has been promised by the Pollard family to be a Captain. However, they postponed the contract and hired Pollard’s son to be the captain with the Essex.

        On their sailing days, Captain Pollard asked the crew to speed their ship while there was a typhoon in the sea. Chase disagreed as the typhoon almost killed them all and have asked their crew the other way round. After days of sailing, the found a whale. Nickerson have the smallest body size has go into the whale body to get the oil. They managed to get about 50 barrels oil. That’s all. They were running out of food and had to stop by at one of the island. 

        Found out that the sailor from the island lost 6 of their  crew due to a white 10 feet whale in the deep ocean. The deep sea have a lot of whales which could give them 1000-2000 barrels of whale oils in a day. Pollard and Chase decided to go there to find out the truth about the whale.
    Their challenges started there when they reach to the deep see where they could not see anything else and no one been there. They saw whales. They started hunting. However, they saw a white whale 10 feet longer than their ship attacked them. Chase tried to killed the white whale but failed. They has to go back to the ship. On the way to the Essex, the white whale following them and attack. 

         The Essex started to sank and fire due the oil whale. All of their crew went to the small ship and collect as much food as they can to survive. However, they a running out of food and been dying. More than 80 days on the ship. No food, no water. Ended up, the have to eat their own crew body who has died. That was the terrible part, the reason why Nickeson have not told anyone about The Essex. He felt guilty and afraid of losing his wife. 

       The movie really affected me and friend as when we walked out the cinema, the only thing that play in our mind until now, “how do the survive and eat their crew?“. It is the conflict then becomes one not of man versus beast, but of man versus his own moral fibre when confronted with a worst-case-scenario fight for survival. I would rather to think thousand times before get on to any ship to the deep sea. 

Til then, xoxo. AJ.


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