Recipe: Chicken and red sauce – Malay Cook

Hello everybody. 

I am giving another shot for recipe which is one of the famous Malay dishes. One of the main thing you should know about Malay cook is – Malay do not have exact amount of ingredients for cooking. Malay cook based on “agak-agak” or in other words, “just assume“. You might have no idea how to assume the amount to use. For Malay, they can assume how much amount they need based on the taste. If the cook need to be spicy, they will add more chilli paste. Or if the cook need to be salty, they will add more salt. Vice-versa. Check out the video.

You can find out the complete recipe below. 

A – For fried chicken

Turmeric Powder
± Salt
Cooking Oil
B – For the gravy:

Red Onions (6-7 cloves. The more you add, the more better taste)
Garlic (4 cloves)
Bird’s eye Chilli
Water 1/2 cup
Red Chilli Paste
Chilli Sauce
± Sugar
 ± Salt
Cooking Oil 
Tamarind juice (1-2 table spoon)
How to prepare?

A – For fried chicken
1. Marinate cube chicken with Turmeric Power and salt
2. Heat the pan with oil
3. Deep Fried until Half Cook

B – For the gravy

 1. Blend Red Onions, Garlic, Bird’s eye Chilli
2. Heat the pan with 2-3 table spoons of cooking oil (Recommended to use the friend chickens’ balanced oil as it will bring out the chicken taste)
3. Sauté blended ingredients until dry
4. Add the Chili Paste and stir
5. Add Chilli Sauce, sugar, salt and tamarind juice. Stir and taste. Add Water as needed (If you want to have a thick gravy, just add about 1/2 cup of water)
6. Once all blend and the taste suite you, add the chicken and mix. Yeay! 


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