FOOD: Texas Chicken @ Mid Point Shopping Center, Pandan Indah

Hello guys!
Long time ago, there was A&W located here. But not too long ago, it has been closed. It is so much frustrating because we hardly can find A&W in Malaysia nowadays. However, they have replace a new fast food restaurant. 
To those who residing at Pandan Indah, you should come to Texas Chicken @ Mid Point Shopping Center, Pandan Indah today as it is just open today. The first 1,500 customer who spent MYR 30 above will received a FREE coke tumblr. Awesome! 

The only thing that makes me craves to this “Texas Chicken” is their Honey-Butter Biscuits. Actually, it is not really a biscuit. The texture is more likely to a bun but with a crispy and honey sweet on the top.

I only eat the top of the biscuits though 😉

I don’t want to missed out trying their new promotion too. The El Paso Chicken will never goes wrong with the unique BBQ seasoning. The chicken is tenderly cooked which I like. The combo set come together with a soft drink, and French Fries. The French Fries really goes well with the same seasoning too. But I which they could add extra seasoning. lol.  

They also have a promotion which the combo will come with FREE Honey-Butter Biscuits. Yeay. Few other Free and discounted adds-on. The Jalapeno Bomber is good but a lil bit spicy.
The new environment and arrangement in Texas Chicken does reflected this old shopping mall. It was dim-mellow-feeling if you ever came here last time. But now, I think, Texas Chicken going to be a new hot spot for youngsters apart from McDonald. Interior arrangement in this outlet is very convenient and clean. Which I could come here more often. So far, the Wifi works good too. I like! 🙂

Don’t missed your opportunity to grab the tumbler. Muchos!


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