Movie Review: STAR WARS – The Force Awaken

Another legend episode of a movie that has been waiting for. STAR WARS! Today is the third day showing in the cinema in Malaysia. Mostly seats are fully book. Luckily, I’ve gotten a chance yesterday as they have only one seat left for me 😀
     The Force Awaken is about a mission to complete the Luke Skywalker’s missing map and Han Solo, Kylo Ren and family connections. 
          The incident started when Poe Dameron and his BB-8 Droid went to see Vicar at the planet of Jakku to get the missing map of Luke Skywalker. Vicar gave the device to Poe. Unfortunately, the visit turns-out worst as The First Order (Bad Opponent) came to Jakku and killed Vicar. Poe handover the device to his BB-8 and asked him to ran as far as he can to keep the map safe.
Vicar and all the villagers got killed at Jakku. Poe has been caught to the First Order’s planet. Kylo has used his power to read Poe’s mind and found out that the missing map is with the BB-Droid. Kylo send storm trooper back to Jakku to get the BB-Droid. On the same time, Finn (one of the storm trooper) safe Poe and fly back to Jakku to get his droid. However, their plane crashed. Poe lost. Finn got him self safe and sheds his storm trooper armor and puts on a jacket that belongs to Poe. Finn walked over the dessert and met Rey and BB-Droid. however, the First Order found destroy the place.          
       Rey flies the old ship which is belong to Han Solo. They got into the space and caught by Han Solo. Few incidents happens on the space ship. Han Solo and his partner Chewie join Rey and Finn to deliver missing map to the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo brought them all to Yavin IV (a jungle planet that was once the home of the Rebel Alliance, and is now the main headquarters of the Resistance) to meet Maz Kanata(a pirate) to get some help. Some of the residents in Yavin send a signal to First Order that the Bb-Droid is there. On the same time, Rey heard a whisper from some where from the ground and brought him to the light sword. Maz Kanata told her that the sword is calling for her. First Order flies and destroy another Yavin planet. Kylo brought Rey with them.    
       Han Solo, Finn, Chewie and BB Droid are safe when the opponent came to the planet. Han Solo met his wife, Leia. Leia plies Finn for information about the First Order, likely probing for weaknesses All of them work together and plan to destroy First Order. Leia and Poe (with BB-8) prepare to assault the planet from space. Finn, Chewie and Han solo flies with their ship to First Order to safe Rey and destroy the defensive Array weapon. Rey escapes through a ventilation shaft. They made it, as First Order were low enough in the planet’s atmosphere to evade it.   
     Han Solo met her son, Kylo Ren and he got killed. Rey , Finn and Chewie saw it. Chewie was so angry and push the bomb button and destroyed the place. However, Kylo managed to ran and met Rey in the snow jungle. Rey was injured. Rey and Kylo fight. Rey won the fight. Chewie flies the space ship and bring Rey & Finn back to Falcon. In Falcon, they were able to get the complete map of Luke Skywalker. That some of it. It was an awesome movie for this year.       
The new Jedi is a lady, Rey.
Running time 2 hours 15 minutes
Rate 8/10

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