TOP 10: Things – do & don’t in public transport

1. Do not take out your feet from your shoes with your stink socks on. 
2. Do not speak out loud. No one wants to hear your conversations. We appreciate silence especially on peak hours.
3. Do not carry Durian / smelly foods. If you want to, please make sure it is properly seal in container, otherwise, you should get your self out from the train. 
4. Do not tune up your headset / walkman. You have to be alert with your surrounding
5. Do not put your stuffs / shopping bag on the seat. Other people want to sit too! Don’t be selfish.
6. Do not keep your hand too high for other to smell your armpit and sweat and too closed to other with 
7. Do let pregnant women, elderly, parents carrying infant and disable people to seat. You still have 2 feet to stand.
8. Do see who is standing around you. Anything could happen.
9. Do follow the queue before get in to the train. Do not push others!
10. Do keep your belongings. No one will watch out for your stuffs.

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