Movie Review: Alvin & The Chipmunks 4 : The Road Chip (2015)

      The fourth episode of Alvin & The Chipmunks is already in the cinema. This time, it is about their journey to Miami. The story began with their Dave had to leave to Miami for their new album and it is a pair invitation. Dave planned to bring her girlfriend Samantha.
      Dave brought them for a mini golf and introduce them to Samantha and his son. However, the chipmunks have a bad experience with Samantha’s son, Miles. Miles bullied them. Dave never knew about it and announced that he will bring Samantha to Miami and leave the chipmunks with Miles at their house.
        A night before, the chipmunks found a ring and suspected Dave will proposed Samantha in Miami. They have told that to Miles and planning to ruin the proposal as they thought that Dave will abandon them after their marriage and will have a new brother, Miles. 
          The chipmunks and Miles go to Milan. But they we’re not able to get 4 tickets. Miles managed to book 1 ticket. Alvin is hiding inside his back pack. Simon is hiding in his pants and Theodore hide in the cockpit with other animal. Alvin and Simon got hungry on the plane and ask Miles for some food. But Miles went to sleep. Alvin started his game in the plane and try to get some food. Unfortunately, a psychotic air marshal, James Suggs being so mad as Alvin jumping on his head. Even worst when Theodore open cage of a monkey in the cockpit and all the animals goes to the deck. James Suggs caught the chipmunks and Miles to the office. The chipmunks has been banned from air flight. 
            Miles and the chipmunks run away and make a music show to earn money to go to Miami. Their show has gone to the news on air and Dave caught them. 
          The movie ended happily. Dave and Samantha go for a dinner date but the proposal turns-on another thing. Not too long after the proposal, Dave brought the chipmunks to the higher court for an official agreement.
Dave and the chipmunks
Running time 1 hour 26 minutes
Rate 8/10

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