– Recap of Year 2015

2016, the new year is just around the corner. There are so much we have gone through in year 2015, ups and down. Before the new year begin, let us recap a little bit about Most likely more about the writer her-self, Adyba Jee. 2015 was not a good start for her. She has been going through hard times in personal and social life. 
January 2015, her dad passed away on January 24th. She took a long leaves to see her dad. Went to the hospital back and forth without failed everyday. On the same time, accompanied her mom. Her father was admitted for a major surgery and coma 9 days. On the 10th day, her dad opened his eyes for a while before Allah took him back where he belongs to. 
February 2015, while she is struggling with her life, her pet, Eva dead due lymphoma cancer. Another heartbreaking in her life. Fortunately, she was lucky because her friend helped her to take care of Eva while she was away for her dad on January. Life has made her realized, “Appreciate while they are alive, do whatever you can, if you need to sacrifices, do it”. 
March 2015, she still down and been crying every day and night thinking of her loss. Recall and remember all those sweet moment with her loves one. 
April 2015, her car’s windscreen has been broken by someone she knew. To be safe, she have moved to a new place with friends and families surrounding her. One of her colleague encouraged her to continuously write a blog. That was really inspired her. She has stop blogging for quite a while. Since after the encouragement, she started to made a new arrangement for this blog and work on the codes, keyword, advertisement, etc.
May 2015, her families had recitation for her dad but she choose to be with her best friends for their wedding. She put a lot of effort to help from the solemnization and reception days. That’s all she could ever done for her best friends as an appreciation for the relationships. “Family comes first, but at times, we have other people who has been there when we were down, they are part of the family too”. 
June 2015, her employer moved to a new office. So much more different and new environment a little that helps her a lot to get back her strength. She started to cheer herself up again. 
July 2015, this year’s Eid was so much different. Too lame and lazy. That should be the best word to describe. Not much celebration as only three of us at home. Youngest brother went offshore for work. This is the month where she decided to change the blog’s domain to The unique view has been drop to almost none. 
August 2015, she her mind is messed up with stuffs and things to be done. Running back and forth to settle her dad’s inheritance. September 2015, she started with her 60 Days Mission Impossible. Unfortunately, the mission has been postpones. Everyone were wondering what is the mission all about. So, family & friends were wondering 60 days Mission Impossible was about diet and lose weight. Actually, it is not. Only me know 😀 
October 2015, she attended motivational course by Dr. Azizan Osman for 3 days with her best friend. There was an event she got her positive vibes to go on. She able to find her self and determine she need for herself. 
November 2015, the first time she met her dad in her dream since dad passed away. That was the time when she felt her dad came to see her. Moment she will remember. She started to move on on her life. She realized, how hard she work, how hard she face the life, with thousands of friends around, at the end of the day, she is left alone. 
December 2015, so the new year will begin, she got her 60 days mission accomplished. She started to build up a new career path. Life is like a cycle. Sometimes, we are ups and there is a time we are down. Always be prepared and be strong to face all the challenge. Allah will test you based on your strength. “Love is worth awaits” 🙂 
This recap is the appreciation for all families and friends who has been there through my hard times. You know who you are. What gone be bygones. Let’s heads-up to the future. We hope for more exciting and new experience ahead on 2016. Thank you!

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